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Addictions are cunning, baffling and powerful! Destroying individuals, families and communities world-wide! The impact of addiction is evident in every nation of the world. Few societies are free from substance abuse and other life controlling problems related to addiction including crime, violence, sexual addiction and abuse, HIV/AIDS, juvenile delinquency, homelessness, breakdown of families, communities and social services plus ever expanding demands on criminal justice systems and the weakening of cultural norms.

I invite you to become involved in the work that I am doing, Helping Others Discover Freedom from the Bondage of Addictions. When you become involved, a broken family is restored, an addict starts recovery, an abuse is replaced by care and a new life is built.

I am currently in Madagascar where I am reaching out to those who are caught in the bondage of addictions, those who are hurting because of traumas and abuse in their lives, and those living under the damaging influence of toxic shame. I do so by the training of Addiction Counselors, engaging Addictive Behavior Counseling Seminars, Life Skills Camps and Counseling. My heart is to start Drug and Alcohol Rehab facilities.

Please support me with $5 or more by clicking on the donate button on the left side. You can make a recurring donation or once off. Your support will help me to help others discover freedom from the bondage of addictions,

In the work that I do, I do not receive any remuneration. Your support will be used to help with the living expenses, day to day events of the work, traveling, communication, teaching material and all the work related expenses.